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Change Mississippi's first public initiative is 'Meet Your Neighbors'. It is a response to the difficulty minorities are facing in the United States. 

'Meet Your Neighbors' invites members of the community to visit and create new and lasting friendships at events across the state! Living in one of the most diverse states in America is an opportunity for Mississippians to explore new cultures and worlds right here in our backyards!


The more we engage our neighbors the less we need to worry and more united we become!


Everyone has something special to contribute to our state; each person has a story and something to share. We use the hashtag "#LetsTalkAbout..." to open up the dialogue and allow understanding to flow. The more we understand each other, the more we are able to grow and help each other in our communities and in our state. If there's one thing Mississippians are great at it's working out our differences. 

We have events planned throughout the state, if you would like to host a 'Meet Your Neighbors' event in your community contact us below! 


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