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The first step is to Join! Change Chapters throughout the state are actively recruiting new members. Anyone is welcome to join and participate to the extent they are able. Once you've joined you'll find a buzzing organization in your local area.


Change Chapters are established numerous cities, universities and in every county of Mississippi. As more chapters are established, the more change we make! Within a Change Chapter members connect, organize, and execute change within their locality. Chapter members can choose from local and state initiative committees to help promote or coordinate and help develop their own ideas. 

It really doesn't whether it's a state-changing idea or as small as starting a book club with your friends, together we can make it happen. If there's something in your community that you want to improve or change simply outline your idea to your Chapter E-Board or via email to From there you and other members lead a committee and work together on promoting and execution. 

Membership in Change allows for various levels of participation. Members serve in leadership positions on a chapters, districts, committee, and state. These members are the backbone of Change. They ensure reasonable and sustainable results. People have a lot of different opinions, our apolitical approach responds to the community improvement and sustainable prosperity for the state of Mississippi. Members of Change transcend politics by focusing on those two goals.


There are many other ways of participating as a Change member, not everyone wants to be in leadership positions. Volunteering or joining committees are as easy as showing up and coordinating with the committee or chapter chairs. With our many initiatives and causes we can always use more helping hands! 

Members receive a lot of other benefits as well. We have so much going on, go ahead and join just to stay in the know! Chapters send weekly newsletters to tell everyone what's up! Chapter Facebook Groups are another great way to keep up to date with what's going on in your community and in the state!

Let's start making it happen! Join Change!

How We Do Change:

This is Mississippi's Moment!

In a lot of ways it feels like the 21st century is still waiting for Mississippi to wake up. We've been a sleeping giant and it's time for us to capitalize on our potential. 


Change Mississippi is at the forefront of a growing movement in our state. Thousands of Mississippians look at where we are and, rather than be discouraged, find ways to make and create change.

We are a conglomerate of passionate Mississippians who care about the future of our state and want to make it better. When we see something that needs to be changed we get to work. Here's how we do it:

Your Role in Change:

How WE make it happen, together!

Change Mississippi is on the clock 24/7. When we see something, we do something. Members work tirelessly to create much needed improvements to our communities and state. Your spare change makes Change happen! 

Why Support Change?

How change makes Change!

Organizational Information

What is Change Mississippi?!

We are a community improvement organization, focused on bringing Mississippi communities together and creating sustainable success to our state. We unite community members with their leaders and develop sensible solutions to issues we face.  We don't get involved in the political drama; our stances on controversial and governmental issues are thoroughly implemented, offer real solutions, and always are for the benefit of Mississippians. 


Partner with Change Mississippi

Through our university chapters throughout the state, interns help do some of the dirty work necessary for our organizations to be successful. Partnering with Change gives your organization young and motivated student interns to help promote events or other efforts. 

We also offer comprehensive services and logistical information to help ensure your message is reaching a broader audience. A lot of times people aren't involved simply because they don't know. If your mission is for the improvement of communities and sustainable prosperity of our state then we want to work with you! 

Contact to set up a meeting or mention it in the notes section of the 'Join!' form. 

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