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What We're Up To:

This list represents a brief overview of on-going and up-coming projects. We are currently in the process of updating our site to include more information and individual initiative pages which will be released in the near future. For more information contact: We're glad you're here! Let's #MakeItHappen

- Initiative 1 - Meet Your Neighbors : This initiative emphasizes building bridges in communities throughout the state. Meet Your Neighbors provides opportunities for community members to learn more about and interact with each other in ways that highlight community diversity and inclusion. This initiative includes planning events, information sharing, and other activities that help promote unity and new relationships with the people around us!

- Initiative 101 - Educate Mississippi : Promoting and developing education in the state of Mississippi. This includes supporting the reallocation of tax dollars to education, increasing the overall quality of Mississippi schools, and causes that help to support Mississippi education.


- Initiative 125 - #FarewellFlag : It is apparent to everyone that our state flag is in need of an update. Regardless of sentiment, this flag puts Mississippi at an economic disadvantage. Millions of dollars skip over Mississippi because this representative of our state carries a symbol that most people do not want to be associated with. 

- Initiative 420 - Legalize Mississippi : We recognize the economic value responsibly legalizing marijuana would bring to the state. We support any efforts to do so as well are beginning to take the vanguard on the issue.


- Initiative 422 - Sustainable Mississippi : There simple things each Mississippian can do to take care of our planet. Sustainable Mississippi promotes and sponsors activities that help us become a more green state!

Other In-The-Works Initiatives:

An LBGTQ initiative, NucleUS Mississippi (Focusing on mental health issues), as well as many others

Change Initiatives & Causes for Our State

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