Meet Your Neighbors! Part I

Feb 19, 2017 - Oxford, MS at the Square

Event Information:

Change Mississippi is coming to Oxford this weekend! To launch the Meet Your Neighbors initiative! Change Mississippi, the city of Oxford and the Oxford Masjid welcome you to come and meet your Muslim neighbors!

Members of all religions are welcome and encouraged to ask questions and discuss issues regarding Islam and being Muslim. There will be free food provided by the Oxford Masjid and the Queen of Sheba restaurant as well as activities and speeches from civic, community, university and religious leaders. 

Event Schedule:
1:00 Opening
- Welcome and Prayer

1:30 Speaker
- Dabka Performance

2:00 Speakers
- TBD Stay posted for Updates!

2:30 Headline

3:00 Close

Throughout the event we will have discussion tents where you can go and talk to local Oxford Muslims about their experiences and different Islamic topics.

#LetsTalkAbout: (Topic)
- The Islamic Religion
- Christianity and Islam
- Muslim History
- Life in the United States
- Life as Muslim Woman
- Muslim Extremism
- What’s Going On In The Middle East
- Diversity in the United States
- Oxford Masjid Tent

Other tents include:
- Learn to Write Arabic
- Middle Eastern Food Tents

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