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Therapy for Children and Adults



Healing with Passion

Li Speech Therapy provides cognitive, speech and swallowing treatments to adults and children. These skills are vital to a person's health, self-confidence and quality of life. 

Li understands how difficult it can be living with or with family members who suffer with speech and other impediments. We know what it takes to make life easier and more enjoyable.

As part of our mission, Li offers quality, machine-processed foods made for easy swallowing with Swalo Foods.

Our passion is seeing the success of our patients and being part of their path to recovery. Small steps can create huge change. Let Li help create positive changes in your life with proven and lasting results.


About Li

Li provides comprehensive assessments and treatment plans. Our therapy methods help to improve cognition, communication and swallowing abilities.


We promise to help you find your means of eating and communicating. 


ASHA Board Certified

MDE Certified

DSDH Certified

Vital Stim Certified

LSVT Certfied

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Our Services

Live life to its potential with proven therapy methods used at Li.  Through comprehensive assessment, speech and cognitive difficulties can improve or even be overcome. 

Child Therapy

Language Disorders


Autism Spectrum Disorders

Adult Therapy

Cognitive/Memory Strategies

Executive Functioning

Traumatic Brain Injury


Parkinson's Voice Therapy


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